Member Benefits

SSPA is making a difference by providing a voice for the sector, where and when it matters.

As a member of SSPA, you will contribute to the growing influence of the sector and support our goals for improved contract processes that offer greater certainty, realistic funding and an appeal process.

You’ll find that our modest fees are more than covered by savings on professional development workshops and other events.

Here are some of the other benefits of SSPA membership.

- A free copy of Kia Mauri Ora: Social Service Excellence in Aotearoa, the biannual magazine for all who work in the sector, plus a 20% discount for additional copies.

- A succinct weekly email newsletter to keep you informed of relevant law and policy changes, useful resources and professional development opportunities.

- Priority access and membership discounts for our low-cost seminars and workshops designed to promote best practice.

- SSPA conference, the premier event for social service providers and a wonderful opportunity to meet up with others doing similar work around the country.

- An opportunity to have your say – and know you’ll be listened to – on SSPA policy positions and submissions to parliament.

SSPA has extended our membership criteria to all organisations and individuals whose work is focused on promoting the interests of children, young people and families, whether or not they have government contracts. As part of the SSPA community you will have many opportunities to network, meet and share ideas with others working in the same field.

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