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Report shows scale of funding gap for social service providers

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2 September 2019—SSPA has today released an independent study into the gap between what the social service sector is funded to deliver and what it in fact delivers.

The study by MartinJenkins found the government is underfunding social service providers delivering services that are essential to the wellbeing of New Zealand children, families, whānau and communities by an estimated $630 million a year.

SSPA is calling on the government to take serious steps in Budget 2020 to close the funding gap, and to commit to working with social service providers and the philanthropic sector on the longer term issues that are identified, to achieve an effective and sustainable funding model that ensures the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.  Urgent action is needed to address the significant pay gap for NGO social service workers.

Read the full report here 



Click here for the executive summary
Click here for SSPA's media release 


Tim Metcalfe from Social Service ProvidersAotearoa on Vimeo.

Tim Metcalfe of Jigsaw Whanganui highlights the $30,000 funding gap between the Jigsaw and Oranga Tamariki social workers working with the same families. Jigsaw has to fundraise $400,000 a year to keep operating.


Conor Twyford from Social Service ProvidersAotearoa on Vimeo.

Conor Twyford says Wellington Sexual Abuse Help is funded for 300 cases a year regularly works with 700-800. They have to raise $280,000 a year to keep operating.


Susan Foster-Cohen from Social Service ProvidersAotearoa on Vimeo.

Susan Foster-Cohen of the Champion Centre in Christchurch says government funding covers less than 25% of the cost of their vital social work specialist early intervention service and has to rely on philanthropy to fill the gap - an unsustainable situation for this service and the people who need it.


Engagement with media and MPs


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