Still work ahead

 We were very pleased to be able to advise members last week that MSD won’t now be introducing in July a contract requirement to collect and share information on the people using your services.

This was a very welcome announcement. I know many of you advocated your issues to the ministry, the minister and the Privacy Commissioner. That was hugely valuable and added strength to the clear value of the sector speaking with a collective voice.

There is still work ahead. The government has decided that the Social Investment Agency will lead the further work on what social sector data is needed. Statistics NZ and the Privacy Commissioner will be involved, and so will NGOs. I’m meeting shortly with the head of the Social Investment Agency to discuss our involvement. All the issues raised during our discussions with MSD still need to be resolved and please be assured SSPA will continue to work hard on this.

We’ll discuss this with you through our webinar on Monday, 3 July at 11am.