Keeping on with Client Data Issue

SSPA and ComVoices continue to work on the issues about individual client level data. We have met with the Privacy Commissioner and received a detailed briefing on the background to his report.

This week, we are meeting with Minister Tolley and, separately, with Minister Amy Adams, the social investment minister. We will be conveying to Minister Tolley our concern that MSD is continuing to work towards a July 2017 implementation deadline when there are significant issues unresolved. I’ll report to you next week on these ministerial meetings.

The client data issue continues to attract media and public attention. Of interest is this article by science researcher Jess Berentson-Shaw, published by the Morgan Foundation. It pulls no punches, saying that MSD is over-stepping the line to obtain personal data from people for no known benefit. She asks: “If there is no science informing the data grab, what does inform it and where do we draw the line for what we deem ‘appropriate’?”