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Launched by Immerse in July 2020, Incourage, is a unique māmā and pēpi service providing intensive live-in support to help mothers to remain with their pēpi and gain independence over time.

The wraparound service is provided by a team of social workers, a registered psychologist, Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) specialists, and support staff. They work inter-agency with any other services māmā may already have supporting them, such as Oranga Tamariki, maternal mental health, pregnancy and parental services, alcoholics or narcotics anonymous, community alcohol and drug services, other community rehabilitation services, and legal services.

Ursula Elisara and Davina Marshall from Immerse will talk about this service, and the kaimahi who support it, working further up the tāheki (rapid river) that leads to tamariki ending up in foster care, recognising that while non-kin foster care is sometimes essential for the safety and wellbeing of tamariki, this is not the ideal long-term methodology for healing whānau systems.    Ursula will also share an example of a transition to independence into the community and the learning curve of the journey to getting the formula right.

Ursula Elisara, Chief Executive Officer - Immerse

Ursula Elisara, Chief Executive Officer - Immerse

Davina Marshall, Incourage Home Manager