About SSPA

Social Service Providers Aotearoa (SSPA) is a national body representing some 200 community organisations working with at-risk children and young people and with families, whānau and communities. We are a registered charity and incorporated society.

Support, influence, information

Timely analysis of law and policy changes and what they could mean for your organisation

A credible voice speaking to government and decision makers

Professional development through our best-practice workshops 

Annual Conference bringing together sector leaders and practitioners, government ministers and senior officials.

A strong advocate on matters of concern to member organisations

Access to a community of people and organisations doing similar work.


Membership is open to NGO service providers funded by government and approved under sections 396 or 403 of the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989.

Associate membership is open to any other service provider with a government contract and approved by the SSPA national executive.

What we stand for

Vision: A vibrant and strong social service sector

Mission: SSPA is a centre of excellence that enhances the capability and quality of social service providers

Our Strategic Plan 2021 - 23



You can read SSPA’s full Strategic Plan 2021-23 here.


Current documents

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Social Service Providers Te Pai Ora o Aotearoa. Annual Report 2022

Social Service Providers Te Pai Ora o Aotearoa. Performance Report for the year ended 30 June 2022


Rules and Policy

Social Service Providers Aotearoa. Rules (as amended November 2018)

Social Service Providers Aotearoa. Complaints Policy (amended February 2017)






Join Us

Join us and get the benefits

Kia Mauri Ora: Social Service Excellence in Aotearoa - the SSPA magazine for all who work in social services

Workshops and seminars - SSPA's professional development programme

SSPA Conference - bringing the sector together

SSPA submissions to parliament

The social service workforce - an SSPA-led project