SSPA and Fostering Kids National Conference 2013

Keynote address “Children’s Action Plan – the Future of Care in NZ”

Paul Nixon, Chief Social Worker at Child, Youth and Family.

“Why Do They Do That?”

You’ve heard about trauma and its effects; we know that. You’ve heard about how we should support these traumatised young people; we know that you’ve probably heard that the effects of trauma on the brain are irreversible – let’s challenge that! Can these kids be helped? Can we realistically expect them to heal? If it is possible – how do we do it?

Bryan Jeffery, MOAT Mental Health Services, Australia

Dana shares his experiences growing up in poverty and as a foster child

Dana Deree, United States Consul

Political Panel “Vulnerable Children and Whanau – How Big is the Political Divide and Why?”

Chair: Ron Mark
Panels: Hon Dr Pita Sharples, Jacinda Ardern, Metiria Turei and Alfred Ngaro

“Supporting Foster Carers, Developing the Supervision Relationship” Key Assets

This presentation examines the development of a supervision relationship between a foster carer and a social worker. The role and responsibilities of the fostering agency/ team in facilitating and supporting this relationship is explored.

Risk Factors in the Abuse and Maltreatment of Children with Disabilities

Workshop by Jenny Wyber, CCS Disability Action. The presentation will focus on the interactions between parents and children with disabilities and the impact of that interaction between the parent-child attachment.

Children’s Action Plan – the Future of Care in New Zealand

Paul Nixon, Chief Social Worker for Child, Youth and Family, addressing the existing issues of childcare and the future of care in NZ

Working Together Post the White Paper

Minister Paula Bennett opened the Conference by emphasising on the importance of working together