SSPA Best Practice Seminars

The Transition from State/NGO Care to Independence: What’s International Best Practice?

Dr Nicola Atwool addresses children in the care of the NGO sector and tells us what is known about poor outcomes for young people leaving care, what makes a difference, and where we are in New Zealand. Download the powerpoint


Robert Fitzgerald, Commissioner Australian Productivity Commission, travelled to Christchurch from Australia to talk about how to improve productivity in NGOs and the sector.

Robert practiced as a commercial lawyer for over 20 years as well as being a former President of the Australian Council of Social Services and the Independent Community Services Commissioner for New South Wales. He has never shied away from giving the community services sector hard messages about the need to behave as an industry if they want to be treated like one and the need to plan for and lead industry reform including ensuring that service and agency structures are based on the current needs of clients not the historical needs of agencies.