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SSPA National Conference 2015

Opening - Anne Tolley, Minister of Social Development

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SSPA National Conference 2014

Keynote address 1, Nicola Atwool, University of Otago

“A New Way of Working Together for Vulnerable Children and Families or Moving the Deckchairs on the Titanic?”

A number of significant changes are being implemented with the aim of improving the delivery of services to vulnerable children and families.  The White Paper, the Children’s Action Plan, the Vulnerable Children Bill and the review of Child Youth and Family all have implications for service delivery.  A brief overview of these changes will provide the context for a critical evaluation of the key factors likely to determine whether or not we develop more effective ways or working with vulnerable children and families.

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SSPA National Conference 2013

Paul Nixon, Chief Social Worker at Child, Youth and Family.

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SSPA Best Practice Seminars

The Transition from State/NGO Care to Independence: What’s International Best Practice?

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SSPA National Conference 2012

Mai Chen, Founding Partner, Chen Palmertalks about how to engage with Government to achieve your aims at the 2012 conference.

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