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SSPA members get:

  • Information: Up-to-date information to keep you informed about the matters you need to know about. We'll keep you posted with regular and timely updates about significant events, proposed law changes, policy matters - direct to your email and updates on a Weekly Update.
  • Training: Access to workshops, seminars and conferences run by SSPA on topics essential to your organisation. These will continue to be very affordable for SSPA members. In the year ahead we will be focusing on supporting members to develop their results/outcomes frameworks and reporting, as well as supporting boards on good governance.
  • Influence: Input to government policy through SSPA submissions and other consultations – we can harness the views of our provider network to generate submissions that count.
  • Connections: Networking with SSPA members and other providers including government agencies at regular regional meetings and at our annual conference. This year's conference will be in Christchurch 27-28 October on the theme of "Taking Charge of Change: Transformation Through Innovation" – it will be an exciting and thought-provoking event and we hope to see your organisation there.




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New members – Read our rules and complaint procedure.

Membership is open to any service approved by the Chief Executive in accordance with sections 396 and 403 of the Act or any non-government service provider which has a contract with the Ministry of Social Development.

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Associate membership is open to any other Service Provider and to groups, societies or associations which may hold a current, relevant government contract and which in the sole discretion of the National Executive has compatible objectives to the Association

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