If you are unhappy with any aspect of Social Service Providers Aotearoa Inc. we encourage you to take action. It is important that you know what you can expect from us and how to make a complaint if necessary. If there is anything that needs to be drawn to our attention, we need to know.

Members Rights

We will treat you:

  • with courtesy and respect
  • in a professional way

We will make sure that you:

  • have the privacy of your organisational personal details respected
  • are given clear information about our services
  • are told about other places that may be able to help
  • are advised how to question a decision or make a complaint

You can ask to see:

  • details on your membership file (but not material that will identify other people
  • our policies and procedures


Complaints and Compliments 

Your opinions are important to us and we want to hear them. We want to be told when we have done a good job as well as when members are not satisfied. With your help we can improve our service. We will respond to suggestions positively and promptly wherever we can.

Our policy about complaints -

All complaints will be investigated thoroughly, in an unbiased way, and as soon as possibleThe complainant will be treated with respect and courtesy

Dissatisfaction with the outcome of a complaint -

If a complainant feels dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint/investigation, they may choose to contact other people, such as a local Member of Parliament, the Minister of Child Youth and Family, the Ombudsman or the Privacy Commissioner

If any member, or employee, of Social Service Providers Aotearoa has a complaint concerning the conduct of another member, a member of the National Executive, the Executive Officer, they should follow the procedure set out below.

Step One:

  • if possible, speak or write to the person concerned.

If this is not viable

  • contact the Executive Officer, Chairperson or any other member of the National Executive and ask for a meeting with them and the person concerned.

Any of these parties may bring a support person to the meeting.

If your complaint is not resolved you may:

Step Two:

Make an official complaint in writing to the Chairperson or Executive Officer detailing:

  • what the complaint is about
  • why you are concerned
  • how the matter affected you or your agency
  • any recommendations you have to resolve the matter.

A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the complainant within seven days and resolution within four weeks.

If the matter is still not resolved you may:

Step Three:

Request, through the Chairperson or Executive Officer, that the matter be taken formally to the next meeting of the National Executive

The National Executive will respond within one month of meeting and considering the complaint and their response will be final.

Policy Updated September 2007

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New members – Read our rules and complaint procedure.

Membership is open to any service approved by the Chief Executive in accordance with sections 396 and 403 of the Act or any non-government service provider which has a contract with the Ministry of Social Development.

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Associate membership is open to any other Service Provider and to groups, societies or associations which may hold a current, relevant government contract and which in the sole discretion of the National Executive has compatible objectives to the Association

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