NGO Social Service Workforce Project

SSPA is leading a project on the NGO social service workforce. This will give us a clearer understanding of the complexity of needs and pressures on services, and what these mean for providers and the workforce in terms of staffing levels and the skills and qualifications required across the sector. SSPA Alert 30 October 2017

National Executive Meeting

The SSPA National Executive met on 24h and 25 May with a big agenda, including a review of the strategic plan, budget setting, and a meeting with Oranga Tamariki CEO, Gráinne Moss.

One of the big decisions made was to propose some significant Rule changes that will be voted on at the AGM on 4 September. These cover:

  • Who can be a member of SSPA – we’ll be proposing that social services funded by any government agency can join. There will also be a wider affiliate member category.
  • The governance structure of SSPA. At the 2016 conference, there was a call for stronger Māori representation in governance. The proposed Rule changes reflect this, and will also allow for appointments to the board to meet any specific governance needs.

The Rule changes will be sent to members ahead of the AGM, with explanatory material.

SSPA considering changes to membership

The SSPA national executive is surveying members on possible changes to SSPA membership and governance. The following changes to membership are under consideration:

• eligibility for membership to include providers of services for children, young people and their families and communities funded by any government agency, not just MSD
• establishing a new category of affiliate members able to access the benefits but unable to play a part in government
• allowing individuals to join as affiliate members.

The survey is also seeking views on possible changes to governance, including whether the national executive should have:

• a mix of appointed and elected board members
• regional representation
• positions for tangata whenua
• a limit on how long someone can be an executive member.

The survey closes at the end of April.

Privacy Commissioner report 

The Privacy Commissioner released his report on individual client-level data

Alternative to client data proposed

ComVoices proposes to Ministers an alternative to individual client-level data that meets the  needs of the social investment apporach. SSPA Alert 7 March 2017

SSPA submission on the Bill amending the CYPF Act

A summary of the main points of the SSPA submission to parliament on the proposed changes to the CYPF Act 1989. SSPA Alert 6 March 2017.

Privacy Commissioner to investigate individual data sharing

SSPA members and others have expressed concerns about the MSD proposal to require the collection and sharing of individual and identifiable client data. The Privacy Commissioner is looking into it and is inviting input from NGOs. SSPA Alert 30 January 2017

Social investment – are we getting it right?

Social investment seems to be the only game in town but it raises some big questions, says SSPA national manager Brenda Pilott. Scoop 17 January 2017.

Bill to overhaul CYPF Act

A Bill to change some of the fundamental aspects of the CYPF Act has been introduced to Parliament and is now being considered by Select Committee. SSPA Alert 20 December 2016

Communications survey

Results of a survey to find out what communications members receive from SSPA, who sees them, what’s useful and what’s not.

Identifiable client-level data

ComVoices, including SSPA, has released a paper on the implications of providing client personal information to MSD as a requirement of funding. SSPA Alert 22 November 2016

SSPA membership review

SSPA National Executive is consulting with members on a review of membership, including the possibility of widening eligibility so more organisations can join, allowing individual membership, and changing the fee structure. A discussion paper was sent to members in November 2016. A final report is due in May 2017.

Cabinet papers on CYPF released

The Minister of Social Development, Hon Anne Tolley, has released three Cabinet papers on the planned legislative changes to the CYFP Act. SSPA Alert October 2016.