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Care of vulnerable children at the heart of SSPA conference

Some 150 social and community workers have gathered in Christchurch for the annual conference of Social Service Providers Aotearoa (SSPA), being held on 27 and 28 October.

SSPA represents nearly 200 non-profit agencies contracted by government to work with vulnerable children, young people and families in communities throughout New Zealand.
SSPA national manager Brenda Pilott says the focus of the conference is on the far-reaching changes proposed for the care and protection of children, and what these this willl mean for the work of non-profit agencies.

She says while there is a lot of uncertainty and some well-founded concerns, the sector welcomes the government's aim to to fully involve children in decisions about their lives, and to extend the age of support for young people as they move into adulthood.

The Minister of Social Development, Anne Tolley, will address the conference tomorrow and can expect many questions about the changes and the proposed new ministry.
Brenda Pilott says she expects conference participants will also question the minister about the new requirement that service providers pass on client information to the Ministry of Social Development.

"This raises a very important and challenging debate about the relationship between the government and non-profit agencies and their clients."

SSPA Media Statement - MSD called on to reverse decision to cancel social workers study scheme

Social Service Providers Aotearoa (SSPA) is calling on the Ministry of Social Development to reverse its decision to can the NGO Study Awards for social workers.

The Ministry of Social Development has recently notified SSPA that the NGO Study Awards scheme had been discontinued. The fund, just over $1 million annually, has provided financial support that assists unqualified social workers to study for a social work qualification. Read more... 

SSPA Media Statement - Care report highlights improvements needed in CYF restructure

Social Service Providers Aotearoa welcomes and supports the key finding that child-centred practice needs to be at the heart of the new operating model to be implemented for Child Youth and Family. This finding was made by the outgoing Commissioner for Children in his final report on the State of Care 2016.
"The Commissioner has done a great job of ensuring children's voices are heard throughout his report. This approach needs to be embedded in social work practice with children in care," says SSPA National Manager Brenda Pilott. Read more... 


SSPA Media Statement - NZCCSS Vulnerability Report Highlights Pressure on Community Services

Social Service Providers Aotearoa shares the concerns of the NZ Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS) that the community-based social services sector is under pressure.
"The Council's Vulnerability Report highlights the complex problems many families are facing. Increasingly, those families are turning to community agencies for help." says SSPA National Manager Brenda Pilott. Read more... 



SSPA Media Statement - Challenges for new Ministry for Vulnerable Children

Social Service Providers Aotearoa welcomes the certainty provided by the Minister's announcement today of the role of the new Ministry for Vulnerable Children and the timeline to establish it.
"The social services sector has been in a state of flux while Child Youth and Family has been under review, so any certainty we can have about the path ahead is welcome," says SSPA National Manager Brenda Pilott.
There are considerable challenges ahead for the new Ministry. "All of us who work in the child and family sector want the Ministry to succeed – the stakes are very high for the children the Ministry will have as its focus." Read more... 



SSPA Media Statement - Child-centred approach to vulnerable children welcomed

Social Service Providers Aotearoa supports the child-centred direction outlined in the Expert Panel Final Report and the accompanying Cabinet papers.
The report, 'Investing in New Zealand's Children and Their Families' lays the path towards a more comprehensive child protection system and notes the need for additional funding.
SSPA National Manager Brenda Pilott said, "The aim of putting the child at the centre of the system is commendable and one which professionals working in this area, whether in government or non-government agencies, will support. Reducing care 'churn' and extending the age for care support is particularly welcome." Read more... 



SSPA Submission - Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Advocacy, Workforce, and Age Settings) Amendment Bill





SSPA Submission - Inquiry into the Operation of the Social Workers Registration Act 2003





SSPA Submission - Exposure Draft: Incorporated Societies Bill

Incorporated Societies Bill





Election 2014 Statement Summary

Social Service Providers Aotearoa (SSPA) is the New Zealand umbrella organisation for Ministry of Social Development funded providers approved under Section 396 Child & Family Support Services (providing Foster Care and residential services) and Section 403 Services (providing Community Services).

Purpose of Statement:

To engage with political leaders on strategic questions of social development and policies that will make a long-term difference for children, families and all vulnerable New Zealanders. From SSPA’s perspective such policy must note the context, the range of services provided by the sector and their cost and recommendations for ensuring success. The full statement is attached and can be read here.

Read more….



State of the Sector Survey 2014 snapshot

A survey of over 300 community organisations shows many are under severe pressure. Most groups are doing more work than ever for less money, groups are struggling to retain qualified staff, they see threats to traditional collaboration, and a few groups are facing closure.

Click here to go to the State of the Sector Snapshot Survey 2014



SSPA Submission for the Select Committee Alcohol Reform Bill  

... >read more



Guiding Principles of Cultural Practise

SPPA actively promotes, supports and recognises the diversity, multi cultural and ethnic composition of the people of Aotearoa.

SSPA is guided by the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and the United Nations Charter in promoting best practise utilising indigenous models of practise when working with those of different ethnicities.

  • Acknowledge the diverse nature of what is known as Pacific Peoples
  • Cultural perspectives are as varied as there are numerous Pacific communities.
  • Best practise towards best outcomes are delivered by Pacific for Pacific. 

A cultural practise works alongside traditional beliefs and values, as well as recognising the variations that exist within the fanau. This can include New Zealand born culture which over time and generations can become diluted but still retain some essential remnants of island born beliefs. The emerging New Zealand born Pacific culture is an evolution and adaptation to the here and now, influenced and shaped by New Zealand and the global environment... >read more

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